Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We need a design.


Thanks for your help! 

Project for Miss Sill's Yoga PE program! 
-Feel free to get creative with the design. However, I am looking for the design to include a yoga posture like tree pose or lotus pose and and image of a tree if possible as well as "PLHS PE" somewhere on the shirt. Our saying is "Forest of friendship" or "Friendship Forest"
I would like the logo to be all one color. Use of a Mandala logo would also be awesome! Thanks for your help! The person who creates the design used by my Yoga program will get a free shirt with the logo on it! Thanks everyone! 

-Miss Sill 

Noel Sill
Yoga P.E., Anatomy & Physiology 
Head Cheer Coach & Advisor

Point Loma High School

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